Volcan, LLC

Native American Tribally Owned 8(a) Company

Volcan, LLC is a San Diego based 8(a) business jointly owned by the Santa Ysabel Tribal Development Corporation (majority owner) and Hui Huliau (minority owner).  As a tribally-owned 8(a) firm, Volcan, LLC is eligible for direct contract awards of up to $100M in contract value without Justification & Approval, and for direct awards of unlimited dollar value with Justification & Approval. This applies to both DoD and non-DoD agencies.

Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) owned 8(a) companies are eligible for the same type of direct contract awards from DoD customers but are capped at $4M contract value for direct awards from non-DoD customers. Hui Huliau's relationship with Volcan allows us to offer our non-DoD customers a trusted partner for directed procurements that exceed the $4M competitive threshold. 

For more information about how Volcan, LLC and Hui Huliau companies might support your agency, please speak with a Hui Huliau representative or contact us at info@huihuliau.com or (808) 466-7097.