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Our Mission

To strengthen our communities, make a positive impact on the lives we touch, and provide a brighter future for the Native Hawaiian people through education, economic opportunities, and the preservation of the Hawaiian language and culture.

Our Values

Integrity - We honor our commitments and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. 

Leadership - We guide and inspire others to make a positive difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Excellence - Our commitment to excellence is visible through our daily actions.

Stewardship - We have a responsibility to our communities, our employees, our business partners, and our

                          Hui Huliau ohana (family) to guard, preserve, and protect what is entrusted to us.

Our Give Back

Since April 2017, Hui Huliau has provided over $27.7M* in benefits to Native Hawaiians in the areas of: 

  • Health, Social, and Cultural Support 

  • Education and Development

  • Lands

  • Economic and Community Development

  • Employment

  • Economic Benefits

  • Other


Examples include creating employment opportunities, providing grants to Native Hawaiian language schools and cultural preservation programs, and donating computers for disadvantaged students and public schools.  Our contributions are ongoing and increase as we grow our organization.  

* Current through December 2023

Portrait of happy active senior Polynesi
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