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Mr. Brunasky has been providing independent consulting services to U.S. government and defense contractor clients since 2009. His areas of expertise include C4ISR, space, continuity of operations/government, Asia-Pacific security affairs, information operations, directed energy, intelligence, counter-intelligence, security, special access programs, critical infrastructure protection, and technology transition. He specializes in anticipating change, creating visions, developing strategies, formulating new concepts, planning and executing programs, forming teams, developing business, and building advocacies.

Among Mr. Brunasky’s current and past clients are the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy (Policy), Naval Surface Warfare Center-Dahlgren Division, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, DoE Pacific Northwest National Laboratory/Battelle, QinetiQ North America, ManTech, FGM, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bowhead Science and Technology, and Ausgar Technologies.

From January to December 2008, Mr. Brunasky served as the Executive Advisor to the CEO/President of Envisioneering, Inc. a high-technology company specializing in directed energy technology, advanced optics, and weapons system development. He assisted the CEO/President in development of business strategies and generation of advanced concepts.

From October 1992 until his retirement from federal service in October 2007, Mr. Brunasky served in various information operations, space, continuity, critical infrastructure, emergency planning, and special program positions within the Office of the Secretary of  Defense.

  • Deputy Director for Strategic Studies, Information Operations & Strategic Studies, USD(Intelligence)

  • Founding Director, Defense Policy Analysis Office, USD(Policy) and USD(Intelligence)

  • Director, Special Planning, Special Advisory Staff, USD(Policy)

  • Assistant Director for Continuity Programs, National & Strategic Programs, ASD(C3I)

  • Deputy Director and Assistant Director for Space Control, Space Policy, ASD(C3I)

  • Deputy Director for Advanced Concepts, Office of Defense Continuity Support, USD(Policy)

  • Founding Director, Infrastructure Assurance/Critical Infrastructure Protection, USD(Policy)

  • Staff Officer, Emergency Planning, USD(Policy)

Mr. Brunasky served at USAF Space and Missile Systems Center from September 1987 to October 1992 as Operations Security Manager, Special Advisor to the Chief of Staff for compartmented activities, and Director, Special Concepts, Developmental Planning (XR). During his tenure, he developed concepts and plans to enhance the security, survivability, continuity, and resilience of SMC space programs, infrastructure, and activities.

From August 1976 to September 1987, Mr. Brunasky worked for U.S. Army Materiel Command where he held positions in the areas of information, personnel, physical, operations, and industrial security; foreign disclosure; continuity of operations; and nuclear/chemical surety.


Mr. Brunasky graduated from Point Park University in 1974 with a BA in Political Science. He attended numerous courses in national security affairs, intelligence, counterintelligence, security, business management, information operations, terrorism and counterterrorism, and emergency management. He received the Secretary of Defense Exceptional Civilian Service Medal.

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